There are always  a number of Frequently Asked Questions  that our service users and their relatives come to us with. We address the most common ones here.  However, if you have a question that is not addressed here, of if you would like to speak to a member of our team, please feel free to call us on 01269 845214 or us our contact form to get in touch.
Our assessment process
If you or your relative would like to consider coming to live at Gwernllwyn then please inform us, by email, telephone or in person.

Following the initial discussion, we will need to arrange a pre admission assessment.

This includes liaising with family with your permission of course and any professionals who may know you i.e. Social Worker.

A decision will be made at the time of assessment or shortly after on whether or not Gwernllwyn Care Home and the staff team have the skills and abilities to meet your individual needs.

If your needs can be met and you still wish to live at Gwernllwyn on a temporary or permanent basis, a care plan detailing all of your needs and outlining information relating to your past, family, hobbies, like s and dislikes ect will be developed.

GP registration may need to be change but we will take care of that.

All that will be left to do at this stage is to decide when you would like to move in and we can help facilitate the move and ensure that this is a smooth transition.

You can contract through the Local Authority or directly with Gwernllwyn Care Home, the choice will be yours!

When are visitors welcome?

Visitors are welcome any time and may stay as long as they wish.  We encourage you to take part in the care of your loved ones and to spend time with them.

We offer an open and friendly atmosphere and family and friends are welcome to use our tea and coffee making facilities.

While visitors are in the Home, we would request that you respect the residents, their home and the staff who care for them and behave accordingly.  The individuals and their carers do have the right to ask you to leave their home without explanation.

To comply with care regulations, visitors are requested to enter their details in the “Visitors’ Book” on arrival and also to sign out on departure.  This is also a practice that is supported by the Fire Authority and the Health & Safety  Executive.

individuals living with us are free to come and go as they choose, within the limits set by their agreed care plan and resulting from individual risk assessments, which would be undertaken, if appropriate.

How is the cost of care met?
Whether you are being funded by the state or paying privately for your care, there is much to know to ensure you get what you are rightfully entitled to in the way of local authority or NHS or welfare benefits.  There are also specially designed financial products that can undertake to meet the shortfall in income to cover the cost of care at the outset, often requiring just a part of your capital to be utilised to meet care costs releasing the remainder for the eventually inheritance that so many older people wish to leave.

There are several websites which might be of interest to you and can give you free advice.  If you are worried or concerned you might be running low on funds, or concerned you may not be able to afford your local Home, please feel free to contact us for some guidance without obligation.  You are, of course, welcome to view the Home and ask further questions then.  Below are some of the websites listed, that either You, relatives or friends might be able to access on your behalf.

Care Home Fees Advice & General Advice

Receive professional advice on the funding of care fees from the leading advisors Saga.

DWP – Department of Working Pensions

Carmarthenshire County Council Social Services

City and Council of Swansea

Neath and Part Talbot Council

Age Cymru – Several fact sheets concerning funding


What if I don't like the food?

Our aim is for our cooks to get to know the tastes of service users so that they  can prepare a choice of fresh, nutritious meals and cater for any special dietary/cultural needs.  We will normally review our menus with each changing season.  However, we would much rather have people speak to us about anything they would like to see changed, right away.  There is no need to wait for a formal occasion, such as making a comment in a satisfaction questionnaire.

Special events will always be celebrated with an appropriate menu. Birthdays will always be celebrated with a home-made cake and if individuals wish, they can help with the baking process.

What is the policy around personal monies?

To ensure the security of the individuals living with us, we do not manage any financial matters.  Items you need to buy will be invoiced directly, such as chiropody, hairdressing, optician.

We do not recommend that you have too much cash or valuable items in your room.


Laundry is done on the premises but we are perfectly happy for friends and relatives to do laundry for their family members if they prefer.

How are Dentist, Optician and Chiropody appointments managed?
We can arrange for you to be registered with a dental practice or you may wish to continue using the dentist you are familiar with.  It will depend on the distances involved.  Some dental surgeries will offer home visits for those who cannot get to their Surgery.  If you receive a free service, this will continue when you are a resident in a care home.

If you are already registered with an optician, you can, of course, continue to visit them if this is practical in terms of the distances involved.

They will call twice a year for eye examination and to supply new glasses, if needed.  If you receive free treatment, this will continue.  However, any costs incurred will have to be borne by you.  The opticians will send an invoice for payment.

We arrange the services of a private chiropodist who visits the Home every two weeks. They make a charge for this service, which will be invoiced to you. You can, of course, continue to use your own chiropodist if this is more convenient for you and practical for them.

How will my Doctor appointments work?
Ideally,  you will continue to be registered with your own GP when you move into Gwernllwyn Care Home.  However, this may not be possible for reasons of distance.  If this is the case, we can arrange for you to be registered with one of the surgeries which are local to Crosshands.

You can choose either to go to the local surgery or ask the Doctor to visit you in your new home exactly the same as if you had remained in your own home.  You can see the Doctor in private, ask for your relative to be present or a member of staff, whichever you prefer.

The staff at the Home will assess whether or not you can safely take and store your own medication, as it is essential that you make sure that it is stored safely.

What is the policy for Personal Items?
You can bring in personal effects such as small items of furniture, pictures and memorabilia from your home to personalise your room.

We ask that any other items such as shavers, mirrors, pictures are all clearly labelled with your name.  Any electrical items must be left at the office at first so they can be tested for electrical safety.

You may wish to be able to lock your own bedroom door.  We would ask that you discuss this with the staff so we can ensure that you are aware of the fire procedures.


Will I have use of a hairdresser?
You obviously can continue with the arrangements you had when you were at home if this is possible and convenient for all concerned.  However, there is a hairdresser who will visit.  The hairdresser is able to cut and style for both men and women at a reasonable cost.

You, or a named relative, will be invoiced for hairdressing costs.

Is communication through technology available?
The Home encourages the use of modern technology to improve communications.  Email and this website are always in use.  Upon request, we can e-mail you photographs to your relatives enjoying activities and events in the Home.
Safeguarding Vulnerable People

As an individual living at Gwernllwyn Care Home, the staff wish to reassure that they will do everything they can to keep all service users safe and protect them from abuse from other people.  Its not a nice topic to talk about, but abuse can and does happen in all walks of life and can take a variety of forms.

Abuse can be intentional or unintentional, active or passive.

It can be a single act or part of a pattern but we have adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse and, should the need arise, will work closely with the relevant external bodies and constabulary once we report the incident.

One of the things which can cause distress to individuals is the behaviour of other individuals living in the home, which may seem unkind.  This is not usually their intention, but a result of their illness.  We will protect all residents and their right to privacy.